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Music for Lounge-Lovers - Your Internet Radio for Soulful Music

Music for Lounge-Lovers

Finest grooves chilled with Soul, Boogie & NuJazz, mixed with soulful House & Funk, stirred with modern RnB, Gospel & Latin and blended with fluffy beats. Enjoy our music selection played by ProppFrexx ONAIR.

ProppFrexx ONAIR - The Playout and Broadcast Automation Solution

ProppFrexx ONAIR

The all-in-one radio automation system for small, medium and large stations with playlist management, broadcast automation, voice tracking, streaming, scheduling and live-assist operations.

Bass.Net - The .Net wrapper for the Un4seen BASS Audio Library


The BASS.NET API is the .NET wrapper for the Un4seen BASS Audio Libraray and all the Add-Ons for Windows, Linux, OSX, iOS or Android.

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radio42 - Music for Lounge-Lovers @ 192kbps/mp3

radio42 - Music is our Soul

As a soul record collector Bernd Niedergesaess is into music since the mid 1970's.
Holding a master in computer science, economics and MIS he is developing high-end software solutions since 1994.
radio42 as an internet radio station was started in the year 2002.
ProppFrexx ONAIR in its first version was released two years later.
Since 2004 Bernd Niedergesaess is hosting a weekly radio show on a local FM station (TIDE 96.0) every Tuesday at 8:00 am.


The music collection of radio42 has grown to over 150 thousand tracks.
Mainly covering all kind of soul music from rare grooves, modern soul, Funk, NuJazz, Gospel up to Neo-Soul and soulful House.
In 2011 version 3 of ProppFrexx ONAIR was released and has become a fully featured radio automation solution.
Bass.Net is used by thousands of .Net users around the world using the Un4seen BASS audio engine.
Our internet radio stream is part of the RauteMusik.FM network (Lounge-Channel).
Bernd Niedergesaess is still active as a DJ on various events and venues (e.g. the Baltic Soul Weekender, Soul im Hafen, Move to the Groove...).


Hamburg, Germany.

Bernd Niedergesaess
My first (real and most successful) company was called solution42, based on The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, a comedy science fiction series created by Douglas Adams. After solution42 was sold to Portal Software Inc. (later Oracle Corp.) I kept the 42 spirit in the name radio42.
We where sitting together with a couple of friends having a discussion about these fantasy names of new economy companies and who in the world invents all these funny names. After some excellent bottles of red wine one of us said, that may be the most idiotic name would be ProppFrexx.
I was wanting to fully automate my own radio station and as such I was looking for the best sounding and most comprehensive audio engine. Finally I stumbled over BASS from Un4seen, which was really perfect, except it didn't offer a .Net wrapper. Hence I developed one: BASS.NET
Soul was always my passion. But at the time when I started my radio station I used to play music at a lounge bar (and lounge bars in general had been pretty fancy these days). That's why I called it Music for Lounge-Lovers, because it is the lovers of (soul) music deserving it and attending at the lounge bar.

Life on earth may be expensive, but it does include an annual free trip around the sun.

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